Monday, March 29, 2010

Make Discoveries with Your Telescope!

Don Machholz has discovered his 11th comet with an amateur telescope. This last one, with designation "C/2010 F4", was discovered using his 18" diameter Newtonian telescope. His tenth comet was discovered using a 6 inch telescope from his back deck.

It doesn't take anything special in the way of a telescope to do astronomy. If you're interested in comets, and possibly hunting for them yourself, check out Don's website at There's a whole bunch of info there, including one of Don's books, "A Decade of Comets", and a spreadsheet for comet-hunters.

Comet Hunting information

Don's telescopes are very simple, but very effective. What he accomplishes using them is a result of planning and skill, not fancy expensive equipment. Check out his site for yourself, there's a lot there on many aspects of amateur astronomy.
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